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If you want to enroll in class, please TEXT Ms. Rachel at (626) 236-7683. 

 如果您想报名参加课程,请发短信给 (626) 236-7683 联系 Rachel 老师。



ONEHOUSEARTS is an experimental art school.

Contemporary artist Rachel Rong created a unique concept of art education, combining the spirit of active research, art experiment and self-expression with the cognitive development process of children, establishing an intimate relationship between people and art, improving people's aesthetic ability and image communication skills. She believes that art, like eating, should be an indispensable part of everyone's life. Rachel hopes that the artistic feast will be global, diverse, aesthetically advanced, and uniquely creative.


藝家藝術體驗 ONEHOUSEARTS 是一所實踐性的藝術學校及博物館。


當代藝術家 Rachel Rong 老師創立了獨特的藝術教育理念,將主動研究,藝術實驗和自我表達的精神與兒童的認知發展過程結合,建立人們與藝術的親密關係,提高人們的審美能力和圖像溝通技巧。她相信,藝術和吃飯一樣,應該是伴隨每個人一生的不可缺少的部分。Rachel 希望帶給大家的藝術饗宴是世界性的,多元的,審美高級的,有獨特創作魅力的。

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